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Neck Pain


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Neck Pain

The Neck Pain brochure highlights upper cervical involvement in neck pain and the role of upper cervical care in recovery.  This patient-focused trifold brochure is designed with sharp, premium quality matte finish and high resolution colorful graphics.  References and online directory are included on the back with a location for your practice information.

Each pack contains 50 brochures.

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9 in stock


A patient-oriented brochure describing the upper cervical involvement in neck pain and the role of upper cervical care in recovery.  The content starts with:

“Neck pain is a central focus of upper cervical chiropractors.  With years of post-graduate training and a long history of advancements in spinal care, upper cervical chiropractors truly are the experts.  

Neck pain often arises from problems in the joints, muscles or discs of the neck. One of the most vulnerable areas of the neck is the craniocervical junction, which is made up of the joints between the skull and the upper neck.  Unlike the rest of the neck, the craniocervical junction has no discs.  When these upper cervical joints misalign, it can cause direct pain from the misaligned joints.  This misalignment can also create compression and tension on the brainstem and other sensitive nerves…”

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