Executing Your Strategic Plan

Growth is not just about more patient volume and more office hours.  Sustainable growth of an organization can go through multiple phases of restructuring to successfully achieve the vision of the Upper Cervical practice.  At the heart of Strategic Solutions, we are committed to helping grow big upper cervical practices and impactful organizations.  We stand for big growth through effective structure.

The Strategic Growth seminar is the capstone of strategic planning.  This seminar will teach you the skills you need to properly carry out your strategic plan while keeping your goals in sight.  It is the nuts and bolts of timing the execution of your carefully crafted plan and staying on top of statistics that will help you adapt to changes along the way.

 Some of the topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Organizational Synchronicity
  • Training the Trainer
  • Delegation
  • Strategic Internships
  • Recruitment
  • Patient and Employee Retention
  • Win/Win Negotiations
  • Strategic Contracts
  • Organizational Management
  • and more


Coming Winter 2018

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