Starting with the end in mind.

Starting a practice is a monumental transition.  Schools and business training for chiropractors introduce you to the standard practice options; associate, independent contractor, franchisee, and business owner.  However, each chiropractor and chiropractic student has a unique vision and clear goals for their career.  This means that the standard practice models may not work for them, and accepting a “normal” offer may be the death of their dreams.

Every chiropractor deserves and opportunity to have the career of a lifetime, and there is no rule saying you cannot start your practice that way.  There is always going to be  lot to learn, but you should start off your career with the opportunity of your dreams, and grow to fill the opportunity with your hard work.

The Strategic Startups seminar is for the aspiring principled chiropractor.  It is designed for chiropractic students and doctors looking to transition into a new opportunity or a startup.  This has nothing to do with technique.  This has to do with clarifying your vision and your goals, communicating them clearly, and finding or creating the opportunity that is a perfect match.  This seminar will help you find the win/win scenarios between you, your investors, your potential employer, and the patients that you serve.  By teaching business PRINCIPLES, not just methods, you will gain a crystal clear understanding of how to shape or evaluate the organization that you are moving into.

Too many associateships create a restricted atmosphere for growth and too many new practices fail because of inefficient structure in the organization and the way it functions.  Learn how to evaluate and shape a business organization to give you the room for your ideal career.  Unlock the potential for a dream career right from the start.

 Some of the topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Win/Win Negotiations
  • Setting Goals
  • Defining Vision
  • Creating Realistic Infrastructure
  • Delegation
  • Contracts 101
  • Business Planning
  • Process Mapping
  • Strategic Plans
  • Organizational Charts
  • Essential Doctor/Management/Leadership Skills

Who is this seminar for?

The seminar is designed for chiropractic students and doctors looking to transition from their current practice into a new practice model.  For students, there is no cap as to how early in your program you can attend this seminar, however, it may be more beneficial after year 1 of school.  It is designed to get you ready to effectively plan your career in tangible ways and evaluate whether your opportunities match your career goals.


How do I request this seminar near my school?

Fill out the form below to contact Dr. Chris Slininger about setting up a seminar at or near your school.  Once a date is set, we will work together to prepare the venue, spread the word, and have a great experience!