Huge Change…And a Special Offer

License All Products (With Free Customization)

License All Products (Free Customization)


We are not going to be selling physical products anymore!

Instead, we are making it easier and cheaper than ever to get customized products for your practice forever through licensing. Check out the video below for details.

You see, we got into this business to make the largest impact possible, and yet the cost of selling some of these products has only gone up. The more they go up, the less resources I can get into your hands at a reasonable cost to you.

On top of that, I wanted to make sure that everything we produce highlights your practice specifically. There are challenges in trying to produce products that are customize to each practice, and typically, customization is a very expensive.

The whole goal of Strategic Solutions was to make upper cervical doctors prominent in the market, but if we’re not making what you need the most, then we are not accomplishing that mission.

So, we are moving from physical products to licensing of these products with a one time purchase of $497. With this one time purchase, you will get:

  • Every single template file of every brochure we have right now, as well as the brochures we are creating in the future (which I forgot to tell you earlier) (well over $1000 value)
  • Every single template file of every poster we have in every size and color so you can print as many as you want at cost from any printer you want. ($448+ Value)
  • You will also get all future posters that we create…in every size and color!
  • The entire movie night promotion pack with all templates and the embed code to play it right from your website. ($229 Value)
  • Once you purchase, do you have no restrictions on printing, and re-printing for your specific practice, and you can customize them to your practice.

Lastly, for the first 20 doctors who purchase this, my team will customize every brochure for you FOR FREE with your logo and practice information on the back so you don’t have to do any work. I would normally charge $300 to do this.

We are very serious about helping Upper Cervical care get known. Our mission was impact. The only way we do that is by helping you. So if you’re ready to jump in, you can purchase a license below.

And don’t wait long. We will raise the price of this licensing deal at the end of September 2023. And…if you want custom branding for free, you better be one of the first 20!


License All Products (With Free Customization)

$497.00 $997.00
License everything! Customize and print forever. Only 20 Available. Act fast!


License All Products

$497.00 $997.00
License everything! Customize and print forever.