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Strategic Growth for Upper Cervical Doctors

The Strategy Room Online is a comprehensive training and resource library for Upper Cervical doctors.  With Your Professional Membership, you have access to all of the training, strategies, marketing tools, training manuals, templates and guides within the Strategy Room.  With Elite Membership, you also have access to all campaigns and license to use all media through your website (more details coming soon).

Before You Begin…

Before you dive into the content, we want to be abundantly clear about what the Strategy Room Online is and is not.  The Strategy Room Online is online access to consulting type training to help with your personal, professional, and practice growth.  It is not upper cervical technique training.  If you are looking to expand your technique knowledge, we strongly encourage you to seek and maintain certification through one of the ICA’s Council on Upper Cervical Care (CUCC) Affiliate Techniques.  If you are seeking to advance your knowledge further, you should look into the ICA CUCC Diplomate in Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures Program.  The reason we refer you to the ICA’s CUCC is because this is the organization that is bringing upper cervical care together into a single unified industry distinct in its standards from the general chiropractic field.  To learn more about the ICA’s CUCC or to become a member, visit

Everything contained within the Strategy Room Online is to help you succeed in the business of your practice and personal development that helps you lead.  These are strategies designed to help you build a top-notch organization that can serve the needs of patients through Upper Cervical care.  Our core mission is to help Upper Cervical practices scale their organization, bringing more doctors into a long-term career environment, and sustainably bring upper cervical care to the world.


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