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Craniocervical Syndrome


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Craniocervical Syndrome

The Craniocervical Syndrome brochure highlights the specificity of upper cervical care in identifying and correcting the root cause of the symptoms related to craniocervical syndrome.  This patient-focused trifold brochure is designed with sharp, premium quality matte finish and high resolution colorful graphics.  References and online directory are included on the back with a location for your practice information.

Each pack contains 50 brochures.

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A patient brochure describing the symptoms related to craniocervical syndrome and the specificity of upper cervical care in identifying and correcting the root cause of those symptoms.  The text reads:

“Craniocervical syndrome is a complex pattern of symptoms that seem unrelated. However, this pattern of symptoms is well understood by upper cervical chiropractors. 

People experiencing craniocervical syndrome often have more than one of these symptoms: 

  • Headaches 
  • Dizziness or Vertigo 
  • Pain in the back of the skull 
  • Balance Issues 
  • Neck Pain 
  • Brain Fog (difficulty thinking, remembering, or focusing) 
  • Pressure in the head or behind the eyes 

People who have craniocervical syndrome are often treated for individual symptoms instead of investigating and addressing the root of the symptoms. This leaves many people suffering and confused. Some individuals are even told that the problem is “just in their head”. However, with proper understanding and a clear solution, there is still hope for healing…”

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