Strategic Marketing

Tools to Tactfully Position Your Practice for Success

Marketing is a necessary step to building your upper cervical practice.  Without drawing attention and creating leads, you will not have new patients to care for and your practice cannot be sustained, and especially not grow.

Strategic Marketing teaches you the main principles of marketing and unique tactics that apply specifically to the Upper Cervical industry.  By understanding the unique opportunities available to upper cervical doctors and the unique strategies to apply to those industries, you can successfully select and apply the best tactics to your practice.

It is important to note that each person, practice, region, and demographic are different, and therefore different strategies are more successful in some areas with some people than others.  We focus on teaching you the principles of how and why the marketing works rather than just telling you what to do (like you are an obedient robot).  By understanding the principles first, you will get back the reigns of control over your marketing and practice security and make adjustments to your strategy with confidence that you don’t always have when someone does each part for you.

Curriculum (all sections coming soon)

  • Understanding Marketing Principles
  • Transitioning from Marketing to Sales
  • Upper Cervical 2-Point Sales Process (more covered in Patient Communication)
  • Understanding Eternal Marketing Principles
  • Understanding Internal Marketing Principles
  • Calculating Your Cost of Acquisition
  • Setting a Marketing Budget
  • Funnels
  • Campaigns
  • Market Disruptors
  • Video Content
  • Storytelling
  • SEO Principles
  • Make Money Marketing
  • Marketing Management