Bringing your story to life is what we are all about.  Strategic Solutions provides a unique blend of production services focused on expressing the best of your brand, service, and products.  Our production team has many years of experience in videography, photography, arial filming (drone), and graphic design all used to highlight the best in your brand and the driving forces behind why you do what you do.  Your passion driven through video content will create a lasting impression to your customers and audience.


With backgrounds in modeling and marketing that complement our production skill, we will guide you through the process and help  you stand out.  You get more than a video, you get an experience that will transform the way you express your company and a product that tells your story.  You don’t have to be the expert.  You just get to be you!

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Small Business

Highlight your unique services and products through inspiring stories.  Capture your culture for promotion through your website and social media.  Our Small business video solutions will highlight your unique value in your community and to your customers.


Promote your event through visually engaging media and stories that inspire more people to attend.  Capture the best of your participants experiences to promote your next big event.

Medical and Healthcare

Our team approaches healthcare with a unique blend of creativity and detailed accuracy.  Share your story with the world so they understand what you do and why your approach is unique in your field.

Personal Promotion

Your services are top notch, and your video promotion should express exactly that.  Stand out from the crowd with a personal promotion video that shows your best.  We step in right by your side to help you develop and market the best of your brand and service.


Capturing people’s stories allows you to show your value in people’s lives.  There is nothing more powerful than a testimonial of how you changed someone’s life through your service.

Online Course Creation

Your ideas need to reach the masses.  Online platforms are the next generation of instruction.  You remain the expert while we take care of the production and delivery of your content.  Our team will help deliver the content in a fun and visually engaging way.


Tell us about your project.  We would love to work with you.

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Demo: Events

Diplomate in Craniocervical Junction Procedures

This video was a fun and energetic recap of event both during and surrounding the Diplomate in Craniocervical Junction Procedures held in Tampa.  This video was used to promote the organization through social media.

Demo: Social Campaign

ICA Council On Upper Cervical Care’s Diplomate in Craniocervical Junction Procedures

This is one of 50+ short promo videos used as a testimonial driven social media campaign to drive increases in enrollment for the next Diplomate program that will be offered in 2019.

Demo: Event Promotion

Heroes 5K/10K Memorial Run

This video was produced for non-profit organization called Heroes of St. Pete Police, Fire and Rescue.  This is a 30 second commercial produced and aired on two local TV stations to promote an upcoming race.

Demo: Personal Promotion

Krayer Zimring – Drone Pilot

This video was produced to be a personal promotion of Krayer Zimring as a drone pilot and cinematographer.  It is used as a landing video on the social media profile.

Demo: Online Course Creation

The Strategy Room – Building Trust and Relationships Through Scheduling

This video was produced for an online course called Effective Scheduling for consultant Luke Wortham.  This was one of about 20 individual courses that we built for this particular course for training schedulers in medical practices.