Tactfully Hitting Your Target Market

Effective Marketing is about hitting your exact intended target and getting the desired return on investment.  It is easy to market to a broad audience using  a lot of money with inconsistent returns.  But to create an efficient marketing strategy with big returns and a marketing budget that grows over time, you will have to exercise extreme discipline in your marketing practices.

Strategic Marketing is a unique version of marketing training.  It is not a method approach, teaching you how to copy others people’s strategies with the hope of copying the results.  Strategic Marketing is an in depth study of the principles of marketing to help you create effective strategies.

We will have some guest speakers who are experts in their own domains talking about principles behind effective online marketing, networking, closing sales, and more.

Some topics in this seminar include:

  • Classic Marketing Essentials
  • Marketing Principles
  • Marketing to the Medical Mind
  • STOP Marketing With YOUR Time
  • Leveraging Other People’s/Companies’ Lists and Contacts
  • Understanding the Patient’s Values
  • Patient Experience Matters
  • Making the Brand Stronger Than the Individual
  • and more

Coming Winter 2018

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