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Family Upper Cervical Care



Family Upper Cervical Care

Trifold brochure with a sharp, inviting design and high resolution colorful graphics depicting the importance of health maintenance through upper cervical care for the entire family.

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A patient-oriented brochure describing the importance of maintaining the health of the nervous system.  This brochure describes the effects that an upper cervical care has on the function of the body.  There is a big emphasis on early correction to help motivate parents to get their children evaluated.

“Health is controlled by the brain.  The brain coordinates the growth of bones, muscles, and organs through signals that are sent along nerves.  It also controls hormones and immune responses.  From the time the brain develops it controls and regulates all the systems (endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, etc.) of the body.

As children develop, the brain dictates the way the body grows and changes.  The brain helps adapt to illnesses, heal from bumps and bruises, and change our frame as we mature to adulthood.  If communication between the brain and body remains clear, proper growth and development can be expected.   However, nerve signal interference between the brain and the body can disrupt proper development and function.


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