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Peak Performance


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Peak Performance

Trifold brochure with a sharp design, premium quality and high resolution colorful graphics depicting the role of the brain in reaching peak physical potential.

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A patient-oriented brochure focused on explaining the capabilities of upper cervical care in relation to athletic performance.

“When each muscle of the body is able to work in perfect synchrony, peak athletic performance is achieved. Each individual muscle has elemental needs in order to operate with full power.  Proper hydration, high quality nutrition and seamless delivery of oxygen are absolutely essential.  However the most important element is muscle activation through a nerve signal.  Muscle contraction is completely dependent upon signals from the brain.

Christopher Reeve, the original Superman, is a perfect example of the loss of nerve signal.  He was thrown from his horse during an equestrian competition. He fractured the top two vertebrae in his neck and damaged his spinal cord. The damage to the spinal cord completely cut off the nerve signals to his body.  This resulted in a complete loss of function in the muscles that were controlled by those nerves.  Every muscle needs clear nerve signals in order to function to their full potential.


Conditions and Symptoms covered within this brochure:

  • Vulnerability to Injury
  • Decrease Strength
  • Decreased coordination

Other Brochures in this series include:

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