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Sensory Integration


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Sensory Integration

Trifold brochure with a sharp design, premium quality and high resolution colorful graphics depicting the role of the brain in reaching peak physical potential.

Each pack contains 50 brochures.

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12 in stock


A patient-oriented brochure explaining the importance of sensory input on the ability to adapt to the environment.

“Health is achieved by maintaining homeostasis over time.  Homeostasis is defined as “the maintenance of relatively stable internal physiological conditions (as body temperature or the pH of blood) in higher animals under fluctuating environmental conditions.”  As the world around us changes, our body must adapt to make sure all of the body’s functions remain stable.

Interaction with the environment is perceived through our physical senses.  We taste, touch hear, see, and smell the world around us.  This helps our brain paint a picture of the outside world.  These common 5 senses are essential for perception of the outside world.  However, we have more senses which help us monitor our own body’s function from within.  The human body has 10 primary senses which allow us to monitor both the outside world and the body’s inner function.  


Conditions and Symptoms covered within this brochure:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hypersensitivities
  • Numbness
  • Sensory Processing Dysfunction

Other Brochures in this series include:

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