Get Your Career Off the Ground

For students and transitioning doctors looking to start their own practice, Strategic Startups gives the basic tools to put together a strategic plan and a business structure that will help you reach your practice goals.  For those considering an associate position, this seminar helps equip you with tools to evaluate your potential employer, the company’s structure, and the contract to ensure you have the opportunity you need to accomplish your career goals.

Carefully Craft Your Plan For Growth

Your goals are vision for your practice are unique, and it is hard to accomplish unique goals with generic practice models.  The Strategic Planning seminar will give you time tested principles for evaluating your goals, assessing and selecting the business structure to support those goals, and crafting a unique strategic plan that will help you get there. With tools like systems analysis, organizational charting, and process mapping, you will be able to plan out the phases of growth to see your vision for your practice become reality.

Synchronize Your Growth With Your Strategy

To effectively move forward with your strategic plan, you must grow your business within your target market in tactful and incremental stages.  The Strategic Marketing seminar will equip you with marketing tools, strategies, and principles to help you synchronize your marketing campaigns with your strategic plan to ensure timely and sustainable growth.

Execute the Plan

With your strategic plan prepared, your organization informed, and your stages set, it is time to execute the plan.  The Strategic Growth seminar will give you the tools necessary to move toward the practice of your dreams with confidence and stability.  Learn how to grow the business, recruit your team, and train effectively for exponential growth.

Seminars Coming Winter 2018